The Core ensemble


The view from the tech booth at SYT’s 2019 production of The Two Noble Kinsmen.    Pictured: the production light board, operated by Tech Track 2019 students.

The view from the tech booth at SYT’s 2019 production of The Two Noble Kinsmen.

Pictured: the production light board, operated by Tech Track 2019 students.

A Brand New Expansion to SYT’s Core Ensemble

”How far that little candle throws his beams!”

Now offering a comprehensive, six month training and mentorship program in the four key areas of theatrical design: sound, lighting, set, and costumes.

Taught by the SYT Core Ensemble team and professional designers.


For more information, or to schedule a meeting with SYT’s artistic director to discuss joining the program, please email

Like What?

Previous tech track classes and mentorship sessions have included…

  • Field trips to a wood shop to build set pieces from scratch

  • QLab programming tutorials and design trainings

  • Independent research projects to design, present, and costume specific characters, including an independent budget and alterations

  • Jumping in and building lighting looks for the entire show when our professional lighting designer was out with the flu!

  • Operating the sound and light boards during Core Ensemble performances.

September - December, 2019
Fall Semester

Students meet once a week to delve into one specific area of design (sound, lighting, set, or costume).

Hour 1: Tech Track students will join Acting students to discuss the play students are designing and performing, including major themes, characters, plot, and language.

Hours 2- 3: Tech track students meet with one of the production’s designers for a break-out sessions focused on lighting, sound, costumes, or scenic design skills.

Through in depth study of Shakespeare’s text and practical design skills, students will develop detailed and personalized interpretations of scenes from the play, and put those designs into action for an end-of-year showcase for family and friends, featuring lighting, sound, costume, and set design by the Tech Track students and performances by the Core Ensemble acting track.

At the conclusion of the semester, students will be assigned to work with a design mentor to further their work in one specific field.

January - March, 2020
Spring Semester

Students meet approximately once a week (schedule may vary depending on the specific needs of the production/design area) with design mentors to conceive the design for the performance and develop practical skills to bring the design to life onstage. Examples include visual research/image boarding, concept sketches, independent design projects focused on one element/character/scene, and design, construction and painting of set pieces.

Students will also attend Production Meetings with the entire design team plus the director and stage manager, to get a behind-the-scenes look at how a production comes to life throughout the entire rehearsal process.

By the end of the semester, students will be ready to run the show from backstage, and will operate sound and light board, assist with hair and makeup, facilitate costume quickchanges, assist with set changes, and create show-specific moments of theatre magic such as fog, ceiling drops, and more!